First Community Bank, Tuileries

On average, a person will form an opinion of your company within the first five minutes after arriving to your facility. Meyer Brothers attention to detail is showcased when unique features are designed for a building. This not only draws attention to visitors, it allows our construction skills to shine. This bank is dressed with stone and accented with EIFS to compliment the design. The white stone provides a castle-like feeling for visitors. The one-story building is complimented with different architectural details that include high ceilings and large open spaces. The structure is built with conventional steel framing to add strength to the load bearing walls. There is a full basement with an elevator.
First Community Bank, Tuileries

First Community Bank Tuileries 2

SIZE 8,200 sq. ft.
COST $2.9 million
LOCATION 6200 NW 63rd Terr. Bldg 6 Kansas City, MO
ARCHITECT Pettijohn Kinney
National Bank of Kansas City
First Community Bank, Desoto
Zona Rosa | Building C