Through one organization, we offer a full menu of market-tested construction services. Our multi-faceted, integrated approach instills confidence that all market intelligence regarding the economic and strategic aspects of a client’s project will result in an outcome that efficiently achieves optimum asset value in the marketplace.



It's no doubt you've heard the old saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." That's why Meyer Brothers Building Company will strive to provide you with the best pre-construction services in the business.

By engaging Meyer Brothers from the onset our value can best be realized by utilizing our vertically integrated structure.


The general contracting process pulls together building owner, architect and any specialty subcontractors into a cohesive team with either the general contractor or architect serving as the team leader with overall responsibility for project communication.

Meyer Brothers frequently serves as that point person but we are also team players when the architect takes the lead.

Engaging in our creativity from the project onset will result in minimizing cost because all parties have accepted the project's design before construction starts.

Simply put, this up-front agreement leads to less confusion during the execution of the contract. This single source responsibility creates more opportunities for value engineering.


Many companies want a building that fits their specific needs and find it difficult to match that with existing commercial real estate inventory. On the other hand, they prefer not to own their own building. For them, Meyer Brothers Build-To-Suit option could be the right answer. This is an approach in which we build your building totally to your specifications and then we lease it back to you.

Meyer Brother's Building Company has developed more than $150 million in Build-To-Suit leaseback properties. We have a development and investment company that allows customers the opportunity to get their own custom-designed facility without having to own it.


Meyer Brothers can help you with your construction financing. We help you explore both purchase and lease structures to determine the best fit for your business.


The list of "what we do" also includes expertise and service in:

  • Pre-development Due Diligence
    Real Estate Development
    Government Entitlements
    Site Selection
    Building Maintenance Services (please visit www.meyercomplete.com )
    Asset/Property Management
    Investment Analysis
    Market Analysis


Meyer Brothers will work with all the jurisdictional authorities in managing the permitting process and any other applicable approvals that are necessary for the project. ( annexation, zoning, economic incentives, etc.)

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