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Powell Gardens Heartland Harvest Gardens Exhibition Building and Silo

“Site-Cast” tilt-up concrete for creative project solutions

Cutting edge construction methods were used to replicate a structure from the past. Site cast concrete pieces were constructed in rings to replicate an original silo.

The silo was constructed in rings and each ring was made up of 3 pieces. The silo is 22 ft. in diameter and 40 ft. tall.

For accessibility an elevator tower was constructed out of tilt-up concrete. All four sides of the elevator shaft were stack cast on top of one another.

no limits to our decorative work

For the Heartland Harvest Gardens project we constructed nearly 1 mile of 10 ft. wide decorative concrete sidewalk. Not only was this concrete colored and stamped, but we also inserted leaf imprints on the borders.

We did an extensive mock-up process using several different colors and stamping methods for both the general stamping and the leaf imprints.

Ultimate use of Sustainable Products

We used real leaves harvested from the trees at Powell Gardens for the leaf imprints. In all we used over 12 species of tree and plant leaves.

The leaves were soaked in water for pliability and then hand laid and worked into the concrete surface. Upon cure the leaves were then removed and lightly washed for a perfect leaf imprint.

Project details

Square Footage 3,500 S.F.
Location Powell Gardens
Kingsville, MO
End Use Observation Tower
Completion Date July 2009
Architectural Features Site cast radius pieces, Stack casting, Unfinished panel surface for rustic appearance
Owner/Reference Powell Gardens
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Architect Maurice Jennings Architects
Fayetteville, AR