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Meyer Brothers Building Company performs at many levels, incorporating the best work ethic and attitude when working with others.

At Olathe Pointe, Meyer Brothers provided the foundation, slab-on-grade, site-cast tilt-up wall panels, structural steel, structural design, and furnishing materials.

As part of the “shell package,” Meyer Brothers worked with Con/Steel Tilt-up Systems for the structural design component and our crews self-performed the other phases of concrete work.

Project details

Square Footage 239,000 SF of In-Line Shops
60,000 SF of Lifestyle Shops
Location 119th & Blackbob | Olathe, KS
End Use Open-air retail “shell only” build
Completion Date Fall 2003
Architectural Features Slab-on-grade, Site-cast tilt up wall panels, Structural steel
Owner/Reference Darland Construction,
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Architect Slaggie Architects
Olathe 1