Creative Solutions for Specific Aviation Demands

Meyer Brother’s Building Company has a history of working with clients of special interest and delivering a product that meets the specific needs relative to their field.

Aviation offers a opportunity for Meyer Brothers to bring a low cost building shell for your hanger as well as office space for your daily work.

With a history of building excellence we have the experience needed to perform above a clients expectation. While there are many needs to the aviation industry, everyone is thinking about “going green.” Meyer Brother’s Building Company offers a variety of innovative solutions to make your new facility environmentally compliant.

Meyer Brother’s General Contracting services extend beyond building a new facility. We can renovate your current space to meet your ever growing needs in always changing world.

Aviation facilities provide a list of challenges and these challenges are no match for our abilities. We will manage the complex and challenging
task of providing you with workable space while giving your facility a new look.

We can renovate your facility inside and out. Elegant and usable office space and clean and open hanger space will give you the advantage over your competitors.