New construction buyer

If you're thinking about the benefits of building your own building but have not been through the process before, the thought may be intimidating. That's where an experienced construction company can help. Meyer Brothers has built buildings for many first time buyers and we understand what you're going through. We pride ourselves in satisfied customers and you may want to view some of our testimonials to get a feel for what we're like to work with.

We welcome your questions and are ready to provide person-to-person consultation so, give us a call!

Experienced construction buyer

Whether you're a past client of Meyer Brothers or someone who has experienced the building process by working with another general contractor, we're happy that you've chosen to visit us.

We're eager to help you sort through your construction questions and options whether your challenges have to do with financing, pre-construction planning, locating a quality architect, finding cost-effective solutions, or compressing construction schedules to meet a deadline.


If you're an architect who wants a general contractor to be a resource rather than a source of aggravation, you're at the right Web site!

We provide speedy, cost-effective solutions that provide you with design flexibility. You may also be interested in our definition of design/build. Many of our architect clients consider our approach to be cooperative and refreshing. Together, we can be a cohesive team.

Commercial Realtor

Like every general contractor, our goal is to be on your list of qualified contractors when you are putting together your referrals. We recognize that your reputation is on the line with those referrals and invite you to check our references and testimonials.

We feel we are the Kansas City leader in cost-effective and speedy construction solutions. We have even found ways to provide speedy construction during challenging winters. Another reason we get buildings up faster is that we are one of the top tilt-up builders in the United States with many awards to prove it. We'd be proud for you to add the Meyer Brothers name to your next referral list and make your customers happy!


If you're like most developers, you put a premium on getting your projects built quickly and economically without compromising quality and design. Those are just a few of the reasons developers sing the praises of Meyer Brothers Building Company.

Select Meyer Brothers Building Company for your next project and experience the MBBC difference in price, quality and dependability.